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Seamless steel tube plant sales business skills

Talk first, sincere, this is the most basic selling skills in sales.

Second, give customers a reason to buy.

third, let customers know it's not just one person bought this product

four, enthusiastic sales person most likely to succeed.

five, not in front of the customer to be opinionated, which is taboo in sales techniques.

six, listen to customers, understand customers ' thoughts.

seven, you are able to provide the kind of services, please speak to the customer, for customers to see.

eight, not to denigrate others in front of customers.

when nine, when customers do not want to buy, do not use old sales ploy to put pressure on him.

ten, gongxinweishang, under siege, this is the highest level of sales skills.

when faced with a client, language is generous, decent, will resonate with customers,

so emotionally and customers closer together, which will decide whether he accepts you from the heart,


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