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What is precision seamless steel tubes

fine seamless steel tube classification precision seamless steel tube, close hydraulic seamless steel pipes, cold drawn with fine seamless steel tubes, cold-rolled close seamless steel tubes, high precise seamless steel pipe, fine bright seamless steel tubes. &Nbsp;  

finer classification of seamless steel tubes) pipe important species: DIN series precision with fine light hydraulic system of seamless steel pipe, common steel, automobile manufacturing steel pipe for public   detailed encyclopedia of seamless steel tube   precise seamless steel tube classification b) important: DIN 2391, DIN 2445, EN 10305, DIN 1629, DIN 1630, ASTM a, 179    fine no precision seamless steel tube sewing pipe know fine seamless steel tube classification three) important material: ST 35 (e 235) ST 37. four ST four or five (e 255) ST 52 (e 355)    fine seamless steel tube classification four) important delivery form: NBK (+N) GBK (+A) BK (+C) BKW (+LC) BKS (+SR)   fine seamless steel tube classification five) important features: pipe exterior wall no oxidation layer, suffered high pressure no leaked, high precision, high light brightness, cold bent stable shaped, spread mouth, and pressure flat no gap    fine seamless steel tube classification six) important use: using Yu hydraulic system distribution tube, and car manufacturing distribution tube, and military, and engineering machine, and railway locomotive, and aviation space, and ship, and injection machine, and die-cast machine, and machine, and diesel engine, and kerosene chemical, and power station, and The boiler equipment and other industries.


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